Rabbits at Unicorns – September 17

Today would be the last regular game weekend of the 2016 season. If we wanted to end in first place we would have to win both games and it would be nice if Scimitars who were playing versus Diamonds would either lose or tie in one game.

First Game
After my good pitcher performance last week I got the start in this game as well. Usually we have a DH but our coach decided to put me in the hitting lineup too. In my first AB I hit an infield hit, in the following AB I struck out swinging. The opponents pitcher had a great slider, which I think is one of the toughest pitches to hit. And in my final AB I once again hit an infield single with an RBI as well.


Pitching wise I had a pretty good game again, I didn’t feel as dominant as I did last week but I kept the Unicorns from scoring any runs. I did allow 4 hits and 1 walk though. I also struck out 3 in 3 1/3 innings. I left the mound with a 6-0 lead, eventually we won this game with a score of 6-3.

Second Game
In this game I started at first base. In both games our defence was looking very solid, we made just 2 errors in both games combined. We’ve had days that it was 3 or maybe 4 times more than that. I caught one fly ball in foul ground, that was the only ball hit in my direction. At the plate I grounded out to second base in my first at bat. I did what I had to do though as I advanced the runner from second to third by going oppo. In the following plate appearance I drew a walk and in my last AB I finally got my first solid hit as I singled into center field.

We won this game 6-2 which means we’re now in first place. Scimitars tied one game versus Diamonds which means that they are 1 point behind us. Unicorns is two points behind us but they do have one more game left in which they could get those two points. It’s not sure yet what the Dutch Baseball Federation will do if we end up in a tie. If you look at the results of the games between us and Unicorns we have won three, tied two and Unicorns has won one. If that’s what they’ll look at we’re the champions probably. Or maybe it will just be a tied championship…


Diamonds at Rabbits – September 10

On Monday my arm felt good again and fortunately it stayed like that for the entire week, so today I was ready to pitch again.

First Game
I started this game at first base. I didn’t get any balls hit to me and also didn’t make any errors. Offensively I didn’t play really well again… In my first AB I grounded out with two runners in scoring position. In the following AB I struck out swinging on a nasty curveball after fighting off some pitches. I did get a hit in my third AB but it was a blooper into right field. I ended up scoring after a double and a single later in the inning. Definitely not a great outing offensively. We made too many errors which resulted in a 11-6 loss..

Second Game
This game was my comeback on the mound! And it went great! I threw the entire game in which I allowed just two hits, no runs, no base on balls and I threw four strikeouts. The game ended in the fourth inning because we had a lead bigger than 10 runs. It felt great to be back on the hill and it went really well! Hopefully I will pitch just like this next week versus Unicorns in the last two games of the season.



Bixie at Rabbits – September 3

Eventhough it had rained all night long, the field was in pretty good condition. Except for a rabbit hole in the pitcher’s mound, haha. We fixed that, did out warmups and got ready for the game versus Bixie Baseball.

First Game
I was not able to pitch yet because of my shoulder injury so I started at first base. I got one groundball hit to me on which I recorded the third out of the inning. Offensively I had a pretty decent game. In my first plate appearence I drew a walk with the bases loaded so a run scored. I eventually scored as well! In my next at bat I hit a single into left field, with this single I drove in another run. My last AB wasn’t special as I grounded out to the third baseman. We won this game 4-7!


Second Game
Once again I started at first base! This game wasn’t really good for me personally, but we, as a team did manage to collect 13 hits and 17(!!!) runs. In my first AB I reached on an error, I did bring in a run though. I also scored later that inning. In my next plate appearences I got on base twice due to a fielder’s choice. I scored one more run this inning. So yeah, this game was not much fun anymore whenever we got that 10 run lead early in the game. So we won 1-17…

Because Unicorns (leader of our league) lost one game today we are now tied with them in first place. Next week we take on the Amsterdam Diamonds and the week after that we will go to Cappele aan den IJssel for the final two games versus Unicorns. In that weekend one of us (Rabbits or Unicorns) will most likely celebrate the championships, so stay tuned for the upcoming very exciting games!!!!


Rabbits at Scimitars – August 27

Some of you might remember that last time we played versus Scimitars we played on a nice turf field! Well, because of a Hoofdklasse game later that day we had to play on the second field. The grass was so long, like a baseball hardly rolled and you had trouble seeing it…

First Game
I played the entire game at first base, I didn’t get any balls hit to me though. Our pitching was really good this game, the umpire wasn’t, just like last time… Offensively I had probably my best game all season long. In my first time up I hit a sac fly to bring in the first run of the game. In my following two at bats I hit two singles (one into right field and an infield hit). Those singles combined for 3 RBI’s. That made a total of four RBI’s in that game! I also managed to score once out of the two times I got on base. We won this game 7-2!

Second Game
Because of my shoulder injury (which is getting better everyday) I couldn’t pitch, that was the reason I started this game on the bench. Later in the game I went to first base again. Once again no balls hit to me… This game was very exciting! First scimitars had the lead, than we came back, we got the lead, they came back. You get the point. In my only plate appearence this game I drew a walk… I would have rather hit to  drive in the go-ahead run but the opposing pitcher was just not throwing a lot of strikes…  I made my way all the way around the bases after a two singles by my teammates! So going in the bottom of the last inning we had a 9-5 lead. But than we got multiple extra basehits, some errors and with two out and the bases loaded and a 9-8 score my coach asked if I could try to pitch for the final out of the game. With all the adrenaline I didn’t even feel my shoulder pain anymore. Unfortunately the second pitch I threw was a wild one as it got away from our catcher after a weird hop on which the tying run scored. Fortunately I did manage to keep it tied but I was as angry as it gets that we didn’t win…

Well it’s all in the game and now we need to go win both games next weekend versus Bixie Baseball at home.


Tsunami at Rabbits – August 20

The summer break is over and after one week of practice we had to take on Tsunami Baseball at home.

First Game
I was the starting first baseman and hit third. In my first at bat I struck out swinging, hmm… let’s blame that on the break haha. In my next AB I got the slash sign but unfortunately it didn’t work out as I flied out to left field. But fortunately in my third and final at bat I hit a RBI double to right-centerfield. Defensively I played a solid game in which I fielded some grounders hit to me and I caught a popup in the infield. This all resulted in a nice 0-5 victory!

Second Game
In this game I started on the mound, I threw 2 1/3 innings in which I gave up one hit, 2 runs (both unearned), 0 BB and I threw one strikeout. I left the game a little sooner than usually because my right shoulder didn’t feel really well. I hope this little injury won’t last long… So I left the game with a 1-4 lead, but yeah… Tsunami took a lead and made it 7-4. In the bottom of the fourth inning we came back to 7-7 and with two out and the bases loaded we gambled, tried to steal home and got caught stealing…. Tsunami almost left the field as they seamed to be happy with a tie, but we wanted to win and played along because due to the short rain delay there was some time left. This didn’t turn out well as our pitching fell apart and we lost this game 13-7… It’s all in the game…

Next week we’re going to Bussum to play versus Scimitars!

stats aug20

Rabbits at Unicorns – July 9

A few blogs ago you could have seen that the game between us and Unicorns Baseball was canceled due to rain. Today was the day to play that game and fortunately the weather was nice, really nice actually! These games were pretty important as we played versus the leader in our league. We drove a little more than an hour to arrive in Capelle aan den IJssel where we played on the field of Euro Stars.

First Game
I was the starting pitcher in this game. I was not super thrilled about my performances on the hill. It threw a lot of pitches out of the strikezone which caused long at bats. I reached the 60 pitch maximum in only 2 2/3 inning. In these innings I gave up 3 hits, 2 runs ( 0 earned runs) and two base on balls. I also threw one strikeout. I left the mound with a 3-1 lead and a runner on first base. With our new pitcher the runner from first scored and later in the game another run scored. For a moment we were tied at 3-3 but than we had an inning in which the pitcher from Unicorns was struggling and we managed to score a total of seven more runs. We won this game 10-3!

Second Game
In the second game I played at first base. In my first at bat I singled up the middle. On base I got thrown out at second with two down. The ball got in the dirt so I took off but the catcher had a suprisingly good arm… In my second at bat I struck out swinging on a nasty slider… Defensively I played a good game as I caught a pretty difficult flyball on the outfield grass and I fielded a groundball on my backhandside. I ran to first to record the out! In this game we did not manage to score a lot of runs but Unicorns didn’t score a lot either. This resulted in a 1-1 tie.

Overall, we got three out of four points (win = 2, tie = 1, loss = 0) against the leader of our league. Not bad at all, we are now in second place as we passed Scimitars in the rankings.

This was the last game before our summer break… So for the next 5 weeks there won’t be any game recaps. BUT there will be daily posts of my trip to the USA that starts on Monday July 18! As you can imagine I am very excited for that!!!!

stats voor de summerbreak

Rabbits at Tsunami – July 2

Yesterday it rained like all day and we were doubting if the field would get dry for todays games. We played versus Tsunami Baseball in The Hague. The field was in decent condition, besides all the goose poop on there. The Tsunami dads did a good job preparing the field for our games.

First Game
I started this game at first base. In the first few innings I did not really get any balls hit to me. In the fifth and final inning I did get two popups hit in my direction. I caught both and the second one was the last out of the ball game. Offensively I did not stand out in this game. In my first at bat I hit a solid grounder to the shortstop who made the throw to first base to record the out. In my second AB I hit a high popup to the third baseman, for some reason he did not manage to catch it and I reached first base safely. Eventually I scored, this gave us the 1-0 lead. We scored one more run and won this game with 2-0.

Second Game
In this game I was the starting pitcher. I threw 42 pitches in two innings in which I gave up four hits, one run which was earned and one base on balls. I also threw two strikeouts. This game was not going really fast, that’s why I got pulled in the third, so our other pitcher could also throw a few innings. We also had a short rain delay, but after that the sun started shining again. That really describes today’s weather, it was warm, cold & rainy. It literally changed every 10 minutes. After I left the mound I went to third base. First time this season and I think third time ever. I did not get any balls hit to me, just one throw from our catcher which was in the dirt and I couldn’t get a handle on it. Playing at third also gave me another at bat, this resulted in my first extra-base hit of the season! Finally, I hit a double in the left centerfield gap and got to second base standing up. We took a big lead early on which we managed to make bigger. We won 10-6! I left the mound with a lead, so I got the W today!

It looks like we’re in a pattern where we can’t really score a lot of runs in the first game and than in our second game our bats wake up. It would be nice if we can also score a good amount of runs in the first game next week as we’re playing Unicorns Rotterdam who are in first place. This is the game that got rained our earlier this season.


Rabbits at Bixie – June 25

kbIMG_4495Yesterday we played two games versus Bixie Baseball Academy. Bixie is usually located in Eindhoven (PSV fields) but because of the condition of the field this game was moved to the fields of Twins Oosterhout. The way we travelled was by bus, the parents of one of our players own a company (http://www.peereboomtouringcars.nl/) that has busses and all other kind of vehicles. So that was pretty cool and it made the pretty long drive feel a lot shorter!

After doing our warmups and BP we got back in our extremely small dugout. I bumped me head like 6 times over the course of both games…

First Game
In this game I was the starting first baseman. I played the complete game in which I got one groundball hit to me which I took to the base myself to record the out. Later in the game I also a caught a high fly ball in foul territory. Offensively this game was not very special. I got walked in all of my three plate appearences. Two of those walks were with four straight balls out of the strikezone… In this game we got a good amount of baserunners but we could just not score the runs. This resulted in a 1-1 tie. Yes we can tie in our league because we have a time limit which doesn’t allow us to go to extra innings, unfortunately…

kbC_K_9423Second Game
This game I started on the bench knowing I would be the relief pitcher. I came into the game in the middle of the second inning already because our starting pitcher just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I came in with one man down. I pitched 2 2/3 innings in which I gave up 2 hits, 0 runs, 0 earned runs, 1 base on balls and I threw 4 strikeouts! I got in the game with a slim lead, we managed to keep this lead and get some insurance runs. We won this game 9-2!

stats 25-6

Rabbits at Scimitars – June 18

After having our game cancelled last weekend, I was very excited to play again this weekend. Today we played versus Scimitars Baseball who play their home games at the fields of HCAW Bussum. HCAW had a partly turf field.


As you can see in the picture above, the infield is mainly turf, except for the area around all bases. The outfield is just regular grass. I have played on turf in the past, but not very often so it was a little bit of a change. Of course the ball hops differently on turf if you compare it to dirt or grass.

First Game
On Thursday our head coach already told me that I would be the starting pitcher in the first game this Saturday. I pitched a pretty good game! I threw 4 innings in which I gave up just one hit (which was a bunt single…). The first three innings I was perfect, as I did not alllow anyone to reach base. In the fourth an E5 and the bunt single allowed the first baserunners for Scimitars. I did not throw any strikeouts or walks. I gave up one run which was unearned. I threw 53 balls and I also got the Win this game! For the first time this year I actually got a few comebackers hit to me. They were pretty solid but I recorded the outs! After the four innings I played the last inning (5th) at second base. Of course this is not one of my actual positions but because of some substitutions our bench was empty and I had to hop in at second base. Unfortunately I didn’t get any balls hit to me at 2B. We won this game 3-1!

Second Game
As usual I played first base in the game I didn’t pitch. I got one ball hit to me on my backhand. I made a sliding play but unfortunately I threw the ball behind pitcher who was covering first base. The runner advanced to second on that play…

In my first at bat I hit a solid single up the middle. In the next at bat I hit a flyball to the first baseman in foul territory. And in my last AB I got the hit-and-run sign so I hit a groundball to the opposite field. The second base man got behind it but he couldn’t make the play, so I reached first base on the E4.
In both games the umpire was not really on our side, there was only one umpire but all stealing plays that were somewhat close were called in the advantage of Scimitars. At one point our headcoach was totally done with it and he got ejected…

In the last inning Scimitars managed to hit a walk-off hit to right field. We lost 3-4…


I need your help!

Hi readers,
As you probably know by now I play for Baseball Academy Kennemerland Rabbits. The Rabbits is an organisation that tries to develop talents in baseball! At the moment there is one former Rabbits-player playing as a professional in the USA, his name is Paul Brands. Paul is a catcher in the Pittsburgh Pirates organisation. There is also a good amount of former Rabbits who play College Baseball in the USA and who play in the Dutch Hoofdklasse (Dutch Major League).

To make all this possible and to keep the Rabbits like it is right now we need money. And you can help me! You can help me by sponsoring baseballs, you pay 6 USD per ball which would really help me out! If you’re interested in doing this, send an e-mail to dutchbaseballtraveler@hotmail.com! Than I’ll give you my PayPal and we will work things out.

To the Dutch readers: You can actually do this via the actual program: https://rabbits.clubkit.nl/sponsorballen/aspiranten/milan-van-der-breggen/mb. This works very easy as you just pay 5 euro per ball via iDeal.

Thank you very much and let’s play ball!


FYI: You do not receive an actual baseball.