2017 USA Schedule

We’re leaving the Netherlands on July 20. Our first destination in the USA is Washington DC. We might visit a MiLB game around DC. That would either ba a Bowie Bay Sox or a Potomac Nationals game. We’ll be leaving DC on Sunday the 23rd. Than we’ll stay in Baltimore for one night, main reason for that is to watch the Orioles play the Houston Astros at Camden Yards (Sunday 7-23). The following Monday we’re driving to Philadelphia. Another city where we will watch a MLB game. On Tuesday July 25 we will see the Phillies take on the Houston Astros. on Thursday July 27 we head to New York. We’ll watch a Rays at Yankees game on a TBD date. On Monday the 31st we drive to Cooperstown to visit the Hall of Fame. The next day we go to Norwich, where we might go ahead and see the Connecticut Tigers play. On Wednesday August 2nd  we go to Newport and on Thursday we go to Boston. There is a possibility we visit a Pawtucket Red Sox game on that travel day. In Boston we will see the White Sox take on the Red Sox on Friday August 4. We’ll stay in Boston till Sunday the 6th, which is the day we go to Hyannis. Hyannis is the place we stay our last few days, as we fly back home to Amsterdam on Thursday August 10.

* Still uncertain on what date or if we will go to the game.

Thu 20-7 Amsterdam – Washington DC
Fri 21-7 Washington DC
Sat 22-7 Washington DC
Sun 23-7  HOU @ BAL Washington DC – Baltimore
Mon 24-7 Baltimore -Philadelphia
Tue 25-7  HOU @ PHI Philadelphia
Wed 26-7 Philadelphia
Thu 27-7 Philadelphia-New York
Fri 28-7  TB @ NYY* New York
Sat 29-7  TB @ NYY* New York
Sun 30-7  TB @ NYY* New York
Mon 31-7 New York – Cooperstown
Tue 1-8  CT Tigers game* Cooperstown – Norwich
Wed 2-8 Norwich – Newport
Thu 3-8  Paw Sox game* Newport – Boston
Fri 4-8  CHW @ BOS Boston
Sat 5-8 Boston
Sun 6-8 Boston – Hyannis
Mon 7-8 Hyannis
Tue 8-8 Hyannis
Wed 9-8 Hyannis
Thu 10-8 Hyannis – Amsterdam
Fri 11-8 Arrival Amsterdam

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